You have a security problem?

Now you do not need to have weapons or own self-defense techniques to fend for themselves or protect your loved one.

   Our online shop offers you a new generation of Taser stun gun -  FLASHLIGHT TYPE POLICE. This is an exclusive models that is armed Chinese police. This models has absorbed all the best from its predecessors and has been modernized.

   One of the main design features of this models is the use of a new model of submunitions. 4 combat electrodes form two powerful electric arcs with high voltage. Such a discharge can penetrate the densest jacket and a thick layer of clothing, and for some time to paralyze enemy. Opponent will get a great shock and it will disappear all desire to continue the attack. Tasers also very effective against aggressive persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication at lowering the threshold of pain perception.

   Another important feature is the strong body. It is specially made of metal that can be used as a stun baton or brass knuckles in a difficult situation, or when the battery is low and you can not use a stun gun on purpose. Thanks to high-impact housing characteristics of stun he gained huge popularity among the civilian population, and now it is used in Chinese police.

   Despite its compact dimensions, the Tasers has a powerful battery and can cause a discharge voltage of 12500 - 30000kV. This is enough to not only "cool" fervor hitter, but if necessary, cause shock and temporal disorientation.

   Tasers FLASHLIGHT TYPE Police equipped with a powerful flashlight. It is this feature allows you to use the Tasers in ordinary daily life. Power lamp 100 - 500W. In an emergency flashlight can be used as a weapon. Narrow flashlight beam directed into the eye, allowing the attacker to dazzle even in the daytime, not to mention the night time, when he method of fasting completely blind person more than 7 minutes.